Conditions of Use


All Products are offered on a wholesale basis. All Prices are subject to change. Product prices only represent the cost for the product, it exclude shipping cost, taxes, duties, and insurance.

Minimum Order

Customer must maintain a minimum monthly order of $500 net.

Order Deadline

We recommend ordering / pre-ordering as soon as possible when you receive product solicitation so we can ensure your orders. To ensure that you get the product and quantity you order, make sure you order before the deadline. Orders placed after deadline is not guaranteed and may not be fulfilled. 

Release Date

Release date is only an estimate date of when Enki Hobby will get the products. It may not reflect the actual manufacturer release date. Release date is subject to change.

Order Fulfillment

Pre-orders are filled as soon as we receive stocks in our warehouse. Please note that most figure products are limited and stock shortage may occur. Enki Hobby will allocate accordingly for popular or stock shortage items.

All in stock orders will be processed immediately.

All orders will be ship to customers as the product is available. We will not notify customer prior to shipping. We are unable to hold orders longer than one week.

Stock Shortage

If stock shortage occurs, we will set your orders to Backorder. If we cannot confirm restock, your order will be deleted from your account.

Manufacturers sometimes release figures in batches or waves over a time of a few months apart. This will cause significant stock shortage and delays. If your order is not fulfill in the initial release, orders will be back ordered waiting for o,rtrtr release(s).


Enki Hobby will not accept cancellation for any reasons.

Credit Card Registration

A valid credit card must be registered with your account at all time.

Shipping Method General

All Customers are responsible for all shipping cost, duties, tax, and insurance. Shipping quotes will not be provided due to the volume.

Domestic Shipping

All Domestic shipments will be ship via UPS Ground unless customer requests another shipping method. Enki Hobby is not responsible for lost or damage caused during shipping.

International Shipping

All Canada shipments will be ship via UPS Standard unless customer requests another shipping method.

All other international (exclude Canada) shipments will be ship via United States Post Office (USPS) unless customer requests another shipping method.  Customer is responsible for lost and damages caused by USPS. Customer may file a claim to USPS. Enki Hobby is not responsible for lost or damage caused during shipping.


If damages are caused during shipping, please contact your shipping courier. Enki Hobby is not responsible for lost or damages caused by shipping courier during shipping.

Payment Method

All orders are shipped C.O.D. or prepaid. We are not offering term accounts at this time. We will collect payment via Company Check, COD (US only), Credit Card, or wire. Payment is due upon request.

Credit Card Payment

There is a 3% (US) or 5% (international) transaction fee charged by the credit card company. This fee will be charged to the client if credit card is the payment method.

Wire Transfer

There is a $25USD wire fee charged by the bank for receiving wire. This fee will be charged to the customer if wire is the payment method.  Customer is responsible for all wire bank cost.

COD Payment (US only)

There is a $9.00 COD fee charged by UPS. This fee will be charged to the customer if COD is the payment method.

Non-Sufficient Fund Checks

Return checks will be charged a $25 processing fee and your account will be put under review.

Update Credit Card Information

Please call or fax updated credit card information to Enki Hobby staff for account update.

Past Due Invoices

If payments are not received within 7 days and we do not hear from you, Enki Hobby reserves the rights to return products to stocks. If customer account continues to show lack of payment and responds, the account will be put under review or suspended.


All orders are sold non-returnable.

Contact Enki Hobby Staff

Please contact Enki Hobby Staff if you have any questions or comments.

1 (925) 687 2737

Rufuse Service

Enki Hobby reserves the rights to refuse service to anyone.

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